About Us

Selling Your Home

Selling ones home is an exciting time for a homeowner. With the right Real Estate broker, the experience can be quick, easy and profitable. At Peak realty, we aim to get the homeowner "Peak" Value for their property and  supply "Peak" service in finding the perfect buyer for your home.


Ari is marketing properties around the country and around the globe finding the right buyers. He has the dynamic marketing skills, the professional experience and the relentless energy to get your property sold. Working with an experienced agent like Ari, who is familiar with property value, mortgage lenders and inspectors, is what every wise real estate consumer needs for success. 

Purchasing property

Investments are an opportunity to grow your current business and multiply your income by using your resources to its "Peak" value. At Peak realty, we supply incredible service, assisting you in all of your investment projects, supplying you and your company with ample opportunity for growth and expansion. Peak Realty is your source for Peak Opportunity.